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theatre is easy Kick — "BOTTOM LINE: A tender yet powerful telling of a life lived between God, troglodytes and the search for (self)love. Bernie O'Connell (Joanna Rush), a dancer, makes her way to her first New York audition. Tricked into a car by a most welcoming stranger and then attacked in a vacant lot off the Brooklyn Queens Expressway—sadly, a first of many attacks—Bernie goes from a kickline to A Chorus Line to Hollywood and back while attempting to put herself back together...." [Read Full Article]
Theater Pizzazz Sundays at St. Luke's with Kick — "A one-woman show? Rather, Kick is a kaleidoscope of finely etched characters and a tour de force for the astonishingly talented Joanna Rush who both wrote and performs it. This is the memoir of a full life condensed to 90 minutes of laugh-out-loud misadventures. There doesn’t appear to be a trajectory except the chronological, but there is as will be made clear at the end...." [Read Full Article]
Long Island Herald RVC choreographer directs off-Broadway show — "Trauma, religion and dancing take center stage in “Kick,” an off-Broadway play directed by Rockville Centre resident Lynne Taylor-Corbett. Based on star JoAnna Rush’s memoir, “Asking For It,” this one-woman play tells the darkly comic story of dancer Bernadette O’Connell, who goes from Catholic school girl to Rockette to single mother to exotic dancer and beyond — all while navigating the dangerous world of men and relationships...." [Read Full Article]
  “…drama, comedy, honesty and more… allows the audience to feel, rather than watch!” — nytheatre.com
  "4S!" — Time Out New York  

"A consummate artist, Joanna Rush journeys through her life experience with tremendous insight, incredible dramatic scope and humor. So much is revealed that one has to sit and take stock of themselves... a brave work." — Malika Lee Whitney, WBAI


"Finding the truth of one's life in a culture of lies... a powerful piece."  — BBC Radio 4


"Joanna Rush can be considered the ultimate performer/playwright. She writes, acts and dances in her one person performance... a delight... a fresh, wholesome sense of humor that is often missing Off as well as on Broadway… Asking For It… a big hit!"  — Dan Miller, WVOX, AM